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Frequently Asked Questions


About Us

1. Who are Carveco?2019-03-27T17:28:59+01:00

Carveco is a company built by a long-established group of people, each with a demonstrated history of commitment to the longevity of ArtCAM® technology, and to ensuring ArtCAM software users achieve success. The Carveco team comprises experienced Delcam and Autodesk alumni, and possesses a wealth of knowledge about ArtCAM technology and the industries it serves.

2. Are you a part of Autodesk?2019-03-27T17:29:18+01:00

Carveco is not part of Autodesk; it is an entirely independent company.

3. What’s taken you so long to launch?2019-03-08T14:55:19+01:00

In short, the realities and complexities of building an entirely new business from scratch. We appreciate it’s been a while since details of our company first emerged, but it was essential for us to construct a solid foundation on which to launch our inaugural Carveco software release, and that would satisfy our needs for the future.

We’re still growing, learning and improving as we develop the first generation of Carveco software products, and we appreciate the patience and support shown by the ArtCAM® community and other interested parties.


Using Carveco

1. System Requirements For Carveco2019-04-05T11:02:16+01:00
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7 64-bit, Microsoft Windows 8.1 64-bit or Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit
CPU  64-bit single- or multi-core Intel® or AMD® processor with SSE2 technology

Highest affordable CPU speed rating recommended

Memory 8 GB RAM (16 GB RAM recommended)
Display Resolution 1280 x 1024 (1920 x 1200 or higher recommended) with True Color
Graphics Card 2 GB RAM, OpenGL® 4.0 compliant and DirectX® 11 compliant.
Disk Space Installation 5 GB free disk space
Pointing Device MS-Mouse, 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse® or Wacom® tablet


Graphics Cards

To get the best experience from your investment in Carveco, we strongly recommend investing in a good quality GPU. More GPU cores equal better performance for Carveco and we recommend a GPU with at least 512 cores.

2. Do You Support My CNC Machine Tool?2019-04-07T17:20:02+01:00

Carveco directly supports over 300 CNC machine tools that range from desktop routers, rotary machines and laser engraving units, all the way through to large industrial hardware dedicated to production manufacturing. If your hardware is not directly supported, Carveco can also output G-Code – widely regarded as the industry standard machine code format and accepted by most CNC machine tools. If you’d like to use a 3D printer, Carveco also allows you to export your design in the STL format.

Please visit our CNC Machine Tool Support page for more information.

We try our hardest to ensure you get the maximum benefit from combining our software with your hardware. Please get in touch if you have any questions over Carveco’s compatability with your machine.

3. Where can I find Carveco video tutorials?2019-04-19T23:02:18+01:00

We’re currently in the process of producing a range of brand new Carveco video tutorials that fully explore all aspects of the software.

Although our agreement with Autodesk® allowed for Carveco to continue the technology behind ArtCAM®, this agreement excluded the ArtCAM brand and any associated assets or materials (including tutorials). Thankfully, there’s still a large number of freely available, online ArtCAM resources, covering the exact same features, tools and techniques that you’ll find in Carveco today.

Here are some resources that we recommend:



1. What are you doing with the ArtCAM products?2019-03-08T14:42:44+01:00

All ArtCAM® software has been discontinued by Autodesk. Carveco is exclusively licensed to develop successor software products under a different name. Functionality included within ArtCAM software previously released by Delcam and Autodesk is included within our successor products. 

2. Why are you changing the product name?2019-03-08T14:53:29+01:00

ArtCAM® is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc. We have not acquired the rights to the ArtCAM brand name. Despite this, we felt that it was important for there to be a clear distinction between historical ArtCAM software developed by Delcam and Autodesk and new software developed by Carveco. Most importantly, while the product name is different, Carveco software has near-identical functionality and is compatible with files originating from ArtCAM software previously developed by Delcam and Autodesk.

3. What’s the difference between ArtCAM and Carveco software?2019-03-13T16:28:09+01:00

Initially, there will be little functional difference between Carveco software and Autodesk® ArtCAM® Premium software. As our software and product range evolves, our development team will progressively extend functionality based on industry research and customer feedback. You can find a product comparison chart here.

4. Are my ArtCAM files compatible with your software?2019-04-03T00:10:46+01:00

All ArtCAM® software proprietary files (*.art; *.3dp; *.rlf; *.3da) originating from any version of ArtCAM software between 2013.SP2 and 2018.2.1 are compatible with Carveco software.

Customers with any problematic ArtCAM proprietary files should contact support and supply a sample file.

ArtCAM Models

ArtCAM Model files (*.art) originating from any version of ArtCAM software between 9 and 2013.1 must be:

  • opened and re-saved in any version of ArtCAM software between 2013.SP2 and 2015 R2.SP3 utilising a USB security-protection dongle; or
  • batch converted in ArtCAM 2015 R2 utilizing a USB security-protection dongle following the process documented in this article published by Autodesk.

ArtCAM Projects

ArtCAM Project files (*.3dp) originating from any version of ArtCAM software between 9 and 2013.1 must be opened and re-saved in any version of ArtCAM software between 2013.SP2 and 2015 R2.SP3 utilizing a USB security-protection dongle. Each of the models within the project must also be opened and re-saved in the same way.

ArtCAM Reliefs

ArtCAM Relief files (*.rlf) originating from any version of ArtCAM software between 2008 and 2013.1 must be:

  • imported into any version of ArtCAM software between 2013.SP2 and 2015 R2.SP3 utilizing a USB security-protection dongle, and then re-exported; or
  • batch converted in ArtCAM 2015 R2 utilizing a USB security-protection dongle following the process documented in this article published by Autodesk.
5. What will happen to my ArtCAM software?2019-03-08T14:19:52+01:00

Nothing, as far as we know. We expect:

  • licensed Autodesk® ArtCAM® software to remain usable on supported Windows® operating systems in perpetuity on a non-maintained basis;
  • licensed Delcam® ArtCAM software using a USB security-protection dongle to remain usable on supported Windows operating systems until the expiry date specified in the PAF License file (*.paf); and
  • licensed Delcam ArtCAM software without a USB security-protection dongle to remain usable on the computer on which the software was purchased or activated for as long as the ELF License file (*.elf) is hardware-compatible.

Autodesk’s support for ArtCAM software ended on November 1st, 2018. Further information can be found in this article published by Autodesk.

6. Do I need to uninstall my ArtCAM software?2019-03-08T14:44:02+01:00

You can continue to use your existing licensed ArtCAM® software alongside Carveco software 

7. Do you provide support for ArtCAM software?2019-03-13T16:29:44+01:00

Maintenance agreements sold in conjunction with Carveco software include extended technical support for ArtCAM® software. Contact us to find out more about support options for ArtCAM software.  

8. Are there any limitations when comparing ArtCAM to Carveco?2019-04-02T23:59:29+01:00

The functionality included in Carveco software is near-identical to that within Autodesk® ArtCAM® Premium software. However, there are some exceptions:

  • 3D Printing and Batch Assembly tools are excluded; but you can still export Carveco models as STL files for use in 3rd-party 3D printing software.
  • Support for importing 3D surface models is reduced, but still includes *.dgk; *.ddx; *.ddz; *.igs; *.ige; *.iges; *.3dm; *.stp; and *.step file formats. For a full list of Carveco supported file types please click here.
  • A new model cannot be created by opening a PDF file, but PDF files can still be imported.

While we intend to investigate opportunities to include similar functionality in Carveco software, there is no guarantee that this will lead to it being implemented in future.


Purchasing & Licensing

1. What types of licensing do you offer with your software?2019-07-23T11:30:50+01:00

We offer both perpetual licensing with 12-months software maintenance included, and subscription licensing.

2. Does your software require a dongle?2019-03-07T15:18:49+01:00

Unlike almost all Delcam® ArtCAM® software, Carveco software does not depend on a USB security-protection dongle; all Carveco software is activated using a unique alphanumeric license key. 

3. How is your software delivered?2019-05-29T09:56:52+01:00

On completion of a purchase, the Carveco™ software installer is delivered digitally to you by secure download via our fulfilment partner You will gain immediate access to a download link in the checkout and also via email (from

4. Can I purchase your software on subscription?2019-07-23T11:25:42+01:00

We offer both subscription-based and perpetual licensing for our software. The importance of being able to use software in perpetuity was strongly expressed by the ArtCAM® community throughout the product’s end-of-life process, and so it became an immediate priority to deliver this in our software.

As of July 2019, we are pleased to introduce month-to-month subscription licensing, offering greater flexibility for Carveco licensing, with no minimum term.

5. Do you offer a free trial?2019-07-30T18:53:10+01:00

We’re already exploring the option of downloadable trial software, but this is not yet available. However, we do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on perpetual purchases, and a 14-day money-back guarantee on Subscription to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your Carveco software.

6. Is Carveco Available through third-party resellers or OEM’s?2019-08-28T20:39:26+01:00

We have recently begun to introduce a network of authorised Carveco partners which can be viewed on the Carveco Partner page. Although in it’s infancy, we aim to introduce more specialized and localized partners over the coming months.

Please note, if an individual or organisation are not listed on the page above, they are not an authorised representative of Carveco.

7. I’m a software reseller or OEM, can I resell Carveco?2019-03-21T19:58:00+01:00

Thanks for your interest! Currently, our focus is on providing a high-quality product and service that we supply direct to our customers. We recognise there are many positive benefits to partnering with both resellers and CNC manufacturers so we are still investigating how we might build partnerships for mutual benefit.

If you’d like to register your interest in any potential partnership opportunities with Carveco, please visit our Partner page.

8. Can I Purchase Carveco On Physical Media (E.g. DVD/CD)?2019-04-08T10:57:58+01:00

Carveco is available for download only. However, our install executable is generally smaller than many updates you receive for Windows™ or other programs.

Investing in a secure digital delivery method and incorporating this into our development workflow, allows us to rapidly speed up the distribution of patches, updates and new releases to our customers. Also, refraining from the production of physical media brings Carveco one step closer to fulfilling our commitment to reducing our overall ecological footprint.

9. Can I add my VAT number when purchasing Carveco?2019-04-09T17:45:11+01:00

Yes. When you create/sign-up for an account on our store, a VAT number field is available for you to complete with your VAT details if required. (Please see below).

Adding a VAT number to your account.

If you already have an account with the Carveco Store, you can also add your VAT number onto your existing profile.

  • Log in to the Carveco store
  • Click on ‘Accounts‘ on the main menu
  • Click the ‘Add VAT Number‘ button, below your contact details.
  • Enter Your VAT Number
  • Click ‘Save

(Please see below).

Add a VAT number to your existing store profile


Carveco Subscription

1. How do I manage my subscription?2019-07-23T19:25:19+01:00

You can easily manage your Carveco Subscription two ways:

1. Via Your Unique Email Link

Every email communication you receive regarding your Carveco subscription will have a ‘Manage Subscription‘ button (see image).

This button contains a unique link to your own dedicated customer portal. From there you can view and amend all aspects of your Carveco Subscription. These include:

  • Your Subscriptions
  • Billing Information
  • Purchase History
Carveco subscription order email example

2. Via Your Subscription Store Account

(Existing Subscription Store account required)

If, at the end of the checkout process, you registered for a Subscription Store account – you can access your subscription portal directly on the Carveco Subscription Store using the steps below.

  1. Log into your account on the Carveco Subscription Store
  2. Click on the ‘Manage Subscriptions‘ link (see image)
Customer subscription portal on the Carveco store
2. How do I cancel my subscription?2019-07-17T12:24:51+01:00

In order to cancel your subscription, you will first need to log in to your account as outlined in the previous FAQ article.

Within the Subscriptions tab, click the Cancel link next to the subscription order you would like to cancel. On the following page, you will be prompted to enter a cancellation reason.

Follow the steps through and your Carveco subscription order will be Cancelled.

Cancel Subscription
3. Can I pause my Carveco Subscription?2019-07-25T13:28:45+01:00

No, unfortunately we don’t have the capability to pause a subscription. If you have cancelled a Carveco subscription, or your subscription has lapsed and wish to rejoin, please place a new subscription order.

4. Do I need a constant internet connection?2019-07-23T19:15:03+01:00

Carveco will need to be connected to the internet when you activate your subscription to allow for communication between your software and our licensing server.  The software can then run happily without an active internet connection for just over thirty-days, before it needs to be reconnected to the internet, to check that you have a valid subscription for the following month. And so on…

For many internet-connected customers with an active subscription, Carveco will seamlessly re-license itself in the background. But if Carveco is having trouble accessing our License server, the software will let you know.

5. Can I use my subscription on more than one computer?2019-07-23T19:21:24+01:00

Yes, in parallel with our perpetual version, you can install, activate and use Carveco on two separate computers. We’re currently unable to provide dynamic licence switching between multiple PC’s, but this is something that we hope to explore in the near future.

6. Do i have to re-enter my licence key every month?2019-07-23T19:23:03+01:00

No, as long as your subscription is active. Carveco will continue to work just fine month-after-month without any need to re-enter your license details at the start of each billing cycle.

However, if you have a break in your subscription that results in Carveco being deactivated, you will need to purchase a new subscription and enter in the new license key to continue using the software.

7. How do i receive software updates?2019-07-23T19:46:12+01:00

Notifications of new software builds, updates and patches will be emailed to you on release. All downloadable Carveco Installers are the latest versions available.

Please reference our Release Notes page for details on what enhancements we’ve made to the software. You can also check your version number to see if you are running the latest release.

8. Is there any difference between perpetual and subscription?2019-07-24T14:59:37+01:00

Regardless of whether you choose a Carveco Subscription or Carveco Perpetual, there’s no difference in the software itself. Customers with an active subscription will have access to the latest Carveco release on-demand, together with all additional updates/enhancements we release during your active subscription term.

Carveco subscription simply offers you a more cost-effective and flexible way to add Carveco to your business.



1. How do you provide support?2019-03-07T15:57:03+01:00

Our customer support is provided through a dedicated email addressby telephone, and over online chat. Extended one-to-one support sessions can be scheduled if necessary, and our preferred platform for this service is Microsoft Teams.  

2. How do I join the Community or Help Centre?2019-05-29T14:10:30+01:00

To join or sign-in to the Help Centre and community:

1. Visit the Help Centre. The Sign in to Carveco Support form is displayed:

Carveco Help Centre

2. If you have previously contacted Carveco Support by email and were allocated a support ticket:

  • Click ‘Get a password’.
  • In the Email box, type the email address you used when contacting Carveco Support.
  • Click Submit.
  • Click the link in the verification email you receive from Carveco Support to create a password and sign in.

3. If you have not previously contacted Carveco Support by email:

  • Click ‘Sign-up
  • Type your full name in the Your full name box.
  • Type your email address in the Your email address box.
  • Click Sign up.
  • Click the link in the verification email you receive from Carveco Support to create a password and sign in.

Alternatively, sign in using the email address and password associated with your Twitter, Facebook, Google or Microsoft account.

3. How do I receive Carveco updates?2019-04-19T13:13:55+01:00

Carveco updates are available to download via (our delivery service provider) and notifications of all new releases will be emailed (via sendowl) to the address used for purchase. For more information on all changes we’ve implemented to each new release, please view our Release Notes page. 

4. When will I receive a response to my issue?2019-05-09T11:09:48+01:00

Our (small, yet powerful!…) Support Team is based in the UK, and we attempt to answer all questions and support tickets as soon as possible.

Please be aware that our response times may vary based on the volume of queries and the time of day. We appreciate that our customers are located all around the globe and though we try our best to respond as quickly as we can, we might be asleep(!)

Over the weekend, as responsible partners and parents, we like to spend quality time with our families. So please understand that your issue, though important to us, may not get a response until the following business day.