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Carveco Release Notes

Here at Carveco, we take the Continuous Delivery approach to software development. This means that we aim to develop and release regular updates, enhancements, new features and bug fixes as soon as they’re tested and ready – for every Carveco product.

All our work on each software update we release is outlined below.

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Carveco V1.51 – Release Notes


We received reports of Carveco software crashing on startup when run on a Windows 10 computer with an older Intel processor. This was caused by a bug in the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 Redistributable (x64) which we include as part of our installers so that the software can function. Microsoft have fixed that bug and we’ve updated our installer to include it.

February 27th, 2024|

How do i download software updates?

From Carveco 1.16 onwards (all products) we added the ability for the software to notify users of any updates that become available. Please click the link from the start page of your software to download any new releases.

Alternatively, any previous Carveco emails that contain a software download link – for example a previous update notification – will automatically direct you to the latest version available hosted on (our software fulfilment provider).

I’ve missed a few updates… Do I need to go back and install each one?

Don’t worry – regardless of whether you’re upgrading from a much older version, or the previous release, you only need to install the latest update to ensure your Carveco product is up to date. Additionally, your unique SendOwl download link (even from previous emails) will always show you the most recent Carveco update available.