Carveco Release Notes

Here at Carveco, we take the Continuous Delivery approach to software development. This means that we aim to develop and release regular updates, enhancements, new features and bug fixes as soon as they’re tested and ready – for every Carveco product.

All our work on each software update we release is outlined below.

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Carveco v1.17 – July 28, 2020

SVG Import

  • Implemented support for importing SVG files using the Vector > Import menu option and from the Vector Library across the Carveco range.
  • Set SVG as the default file format when exporting vectors or dragging vector layers into the Vector Library.

Toolpath Colour Simulation

Only available in Carveco Maker+ and Carveco. This was previously available as a Preview Feature.

Toolpaths can be simulated with automatically-assigned colours. A colour simulation emphasises which tool has machined a specific area of your job, making it easier to identify issues in your machining strategy.

Colour simulation can be activated:

  • Using the Project panel’s Simulate Toolpath with Colour and Simulate All Toolpaths with Colour context menu options.
  • By toggling the colour simulation visibility in the Project tree.
  • By toggling the colour simulation visibility from the Simulation Control toolbar.

A toolpath’s simulation colour can be manually overridden by clicking the colour swatch beside the toolpath in the Project tree.


  • Added the Vector Library to Carveco Maker.

  • Added a download button on the Vector Library panel for obtaining a vector artwork starter pack.

  • Included support for importing IGES files in Carveco Maker using the Relief > Import > Import 3D Model menu option.

  • Included support for importing STEP, 3DA, 3DP, DDX and DDZ files in Carveco Maker and Carveco Maker+ using the Relief > Import > Import 3D Model menu option.

  • The Transform tool is enabled when vectors have been imported.

  • Imported vectors larger than, significantly smaller than or outside the model area are automatically resized and centred to the model; this behaviour can be toggled from the Options panel, displayed by selecting the Edit > Options menu option.

  • Improved error handling when dragging vector files into the Project tree.

  • 3D toolpath previews are now rendered in full when rotating the 3D View.

  • Added post-processors for the following controllers or machines:

    • Easel

    • Grbl with Universal Gcode Sender

    • X-Carve (inches)

    • Holz-Her Cosmec Fox 48 ATC (inches)

  • Removed the Objects to Draw dialog; visibility of objects can instead be controlled using the View > 3D Object Visibility menu option, from the 3D View toolbar, or from the Project tree.


  • Fixed opening and importing files using drag-and-drop.

  • Prevented a product expiry warning message being shown when opening a PDF file.

  • Populated the undo description when closing Envelope Distortion, avoiding a blank row in the History panel.

  • Removed an unnecessary undo step created by Send to Relief Clipart Library.

  • Corrected the background colour of the Drilling panel’s Sequencing options.

  • Ensured toggling colour simulation from the Simulation Control toolbar correctly affects the child toolpaths being simulated.

(Build: 2020-07-27-0736-50338108)

How do i download software updates?

From Carveco 1.16 onwards (all products) we added the ability for the software to notify users of any updates that become available. Please click the link from the start page of your software to download any new releases.

Previous versions are available to download via (our software delivery service provider) from your dedicated download portal. Please use the link within the email to access your personal download page. Any previous Carveco emails that contain a link to your personal SendOwl download page – for example a previous update notification – will automatically direct you to the latest version available.

I’ve missed a few updates… Do I need to go back and install each one?

Don’t worry – regardless of whether you’re upgrading from a much older version, or the previous release, you only need to install the latest update to ensure your Carveco product is up to date. Additionally, your unique SendOwl download link (even from previous emails) will always show you the most recent Carveco update available.