Carveco Case Studies

Learn how Carveco’s range of creative CNC software has helped businesses around the world expand the range of products and services they can offer their customers.

Custom Playhouses made with Carveco

Carving an LED Chess Set on a 3018 CNC with Carveco Maker

Explore the fascinating process as Paul Kelsall takes us through the extraordinary journey of designing and carving an Egyptian-style chess set on a 3018 CNC machine.

Using Carveco Maker software, Paul expertly transforms raw pine into elegantly carved chess pieces, while the LED-lit board adds a touch of enchantment to every move.

Custom Playhouses made with Carveco

Magical Custom playhouses made with Carveco/ArtCAM

What once started as an idea to create the best playhouse ever seen for Tyson Leavitt’s children, has now exploded into a class-leading, creative business…

It wasn’t until demand grew for these hand-built playhouses, that Tyson invested in much needed CNC machines and software. This is when he discovered ArtCAM® Pro, the artistic Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing Software (CADCAM) now known as Carveco. This was five years ago, and Tyson has never looked back.

Casey Marwine Case Study

Making Money From Your Hobby With Carveco Maker

Casey Marwine is a pilot by day and a woodworking enthusiast by night. His interest in woodworking started 3-4 years ago when he realised how expensive it was to buy a good quality coffee table and decided to make his own. Since then, Casey has continued to create many unique pieces and purchased his first CNC machine a year ago to allow him to expand on his woodworking designs.

BHL Woodworks Case Study

Personalised chopping boards with intricate wooden inlays

For the past twenty plus years, Chad has loved woodworking. However, as a full-time teacher, coach and father, he often found he didn’t have enough time to spend in his workshop. When Covid hit, he wanted to get back into his long-loved hobby and took up the craft again. During lockdown, his mum had asked him to build a toy chest with his nephew’s name on the top. However, Chad knew that to get the level of detail required, he needed a CNC or laser machine and so set out on his first endeavour into the world of CNC.

Full Steam Designs Case Study

Full Steam Designs With Carveco Maker

Chris from Full Steam Designs is a machinist by trade but has been doing woodworking side projects for the past four years. However, it wasn’t until he added a CNC machine to the array of tools in his workshop that things really started to “kick-off” for him. For the past three and a half years, Chris would finish a nightshift and go straight onto his Shapeoko CNC machine.

Case Design Featured Image

Case Design use Carveco for custom foam cutting & flight case manufacture

Case Design is a UK manufacturer of custom flight cases and foam inserts used to protect high value equipment and accessories, such as cameras and lenses for the broadcast and filming industry. Their custom foam inserts and cases have also been used to protect medical and electrical components, defence equipment and even a boomerang. Just about anything you can think of!