Frequently Asked Questions:
The Launch of Carveco

Are my ArtCAM files compatible with your software?

2020-08-07T12:33:29+01:00February 13th, 2019|, |

All ArtCAM® software proprietary files (*.art; *.3dp; *.rlf; *.3da) originating from:any version of ArtCAM software are compatible with Carveco software version 1.6 (Build: 2019-07-30-1604-b28285f7) and above.any version of ArtCAM software between 2013.SP2 [...]

Who are Carveco?

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Carveco is a company built by a long-established group of people, each with a demonstrated history of commitment to the longevity of ArtCAM® technology, and to ensuring ArtCAM software [...]