Upgrading or downgrading to Maker, Maker Plus or Carveco is done in different ways depending on how you received your software.  For example, if you received it with your CNC machine, purchased it directly via a sales agent or bought it from our online store. For guidance, please select the appropriate option below.

online store & CNC manufacturers

Carveco Account Holders (in Beta)

This applies to CNC manufacturers before the 1st July and our online stores.

Please complete the following steps:

1)     Cancel your current software subscription. See here for help:  How to cancel your Carveco software subscription

2)     Deactivate your current Carveco software from your computer/s. Follow these steps: How do i deactivate my software? : Carveco

3)     Purchase your new preferred software from our store (https://store-us.carveco.com | https://store.carveco.com).

4)     Activate your new software (See here for guidance: How do I activate my software? : Carveco)

(Only available to Sales Partner & Onefinity customers after the 1st July).

Please complete the following steps:

1)    Log in to your Carveco Account.

2)    Click on the Manage button for the product/ license that you want to change from the Transactions page.

3)    Click on the button to switch software.  You will then be presented with a list of products to choose from.

4)    Open your Carveco software, select the software license you want to activate and log in.

For additional guidance, visit our Help Centre.