Deactivating your Carveco software will remove the Carveco software license from the computer on which you perform the deactivation. This is a necessary step in the following use cases:

  • To free up a license allocation, in order to install a Carveco product on an additional PC.
  • To upgrade/downgrade to a different Carveco product.
  • To process a refund.

Please Note: If you are want a refund, you will need to deactivate your software as well as cancel the subscription that you have with us.

Deactivation Steps

  • Open your Carveco software.
  • Click on the ‘Help‘ > ‘About Carveco‘ item from the main menu of your software to display the ‘About‘ box.
  • Under your personal license information, click the ‘Deactivate‘  button.

Deactivate Carveco license button

Your Carveco software installation should now be deactivated.

Installing Your Software on another PC

Once you have completed the deactivation steps, you can then install and active your software on another PC by following the steps outlined in the How do I activate my Software FAQ Post.