Carveco Release Notes History

Here at Carveco, we take the Continuous Delivery approach to software development. This means that we aim to develop and release regular updates, enhancements, new features and bug fixes as soon as they’re tested and ready – for every Carveco product.

All our work on each software update we release is outlined below.

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Carveco V1.40 – Release Notes

March 8th, 2023|

New: Post processors: Felder Hammer HNC - INCH (*.nc) and Felder Hammer HNC - MM (*.nc) post processors have been added. Fixes: Saving toolpaths: When working with the Open toolpath folder after saving option enabled, we identified that Windows Explorer failed to open the folder which had been selected as the Spool Directory. This has been [...]

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Carveco V1.39 – Release Notes

February 8th, 2023|

General Fixes Since v1.34, saving toolpaths with a post-processor that uses the ROTARY_AXIS_DIALOG statement would result in an error message. This has been fixed, and the Diameter For Rotary Axis dialog is now displayed correctly. You can associate vectors with toolpaths. For example, a Profile or Machine Relief. These associations are stored in a Carveco Model [...]

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Carveco V1.38 – Release Notes

February 1st, 2023|

General Enhancements Trace around designs faster than before: We have increased the rate at which you can trace around part or all of an image or relief, owing to a twofold speed increase in our Magic Wand, Flood Fill and Flood Fill Selective tools. Plan when to CNC machine: The Toolpath Summary dialog’s default Time Scale Factor value [...]

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Carveco V1.37 – Release Notes

November 16th, 2022|

Enhancements To provide clearer guidance, we have reworded the Help text for Flood Fill and Flood Fill Selective tools (All variants) Fixes Crash on opening: If you accidentally tried to open multiple instances of your Carveco software at the same time, it would cause the software to crash. A fix has now been put [...]

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Carveco V1.36 – Release Notes

October 20th, 2022|

Enhancements To help customers while activating their Carveco software, we have included support to automatically detect and highlight where email addresses or activation keys have been entered incorrectly. For example, where an activation key is missing a number or the @ symbol has been omitted from the email address. [...]

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Carveco V1.35 – Release Notes

October 19th, 2022|

EnhancementsSTL files: You can work with a wider variety of STL files within your Carveco software. Maker, Maker+ and Carveco can now open ASCII STL files that contain non-standard capitalised keywords. (All variants)Fixes3D Modelling: The Create Dome tool now recognises decimal commas as well as decimal points. (Carveco and Maker+)3D Modelling: When [...]

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Carveco V1.34 – Release Notes

September 14th, 2022|

New When manually editing your G-Code output (the information that is passed to your CNC/laser machine), you can now customise it at the beginning and end of each of your toolpaths by specifying toolpath headers and toolpath footers in your post processor files. This is particularly useful if you [...]

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Carveco V1.33 – Release Notes

July 27th, 2022|

New We are slowly rolling out the ability to access all of your software license information and other Carveco services from your own unique online Carveco account. As part of this process, new users or customers transferring their software to a new computer only, are shown a new Welcome screen. [...]

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Carveco V1.32 – Release Notes

June 29th, 2022|

Fixes In Version 1.31, Carveco crashed when the Start page contained a floating panel, such as the Toolbox panel. This has now been fixed. (Build: 2022-06-28-1203-52496cc1)

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Carveco V1.31 – Release Notes

June 15th, 2022|

New Features For Carveco Maker Plus Add Draft is now available in Carveco Maker Plus. This tool adds drafts to the edges of your design, which enables: Users to create moulds and vacuum-formed packaging which are easy to release. Engravers to produce foil and embossing dies that reduce the [...]