• The Datron Neo Next Rotary (mm) (*.iso) post processor has been added. (All variants)


  • Added tooltable to the Datron Neo Next Arc Cutter Comp ISO (MM) (*.ISO) post processor. (All variants)This was done for consistency with the new Datron Neo Next Rotary (mm) (*.iso).
  • Improved the Polish translations in the following locations:
    • Save toolpath dialog
    • Text tool
    • Toolpath simulation
    • Tool database
    • Vector tools

    (All Variants)

  • The Amana tools in the tool database has been updated. (All variants)These tools will be present in the default tool database for new users. Existing users will need to import the Amana tools database from this article to update their database.


  • A bug that outputted empty lines from the ‘UCCNC’ and ‘Onefinity BB Inch’ post processors has been fixed. There are now extra checks to filter any existing empty lines before being outputted. (All variants).
  • The Datron Simpl V2 (mm) (*.simpl) post processor now uses the correct feed rates for plunging and cutting. (All variants).
  • When Carveco is used in Polish, some of the labels on the ‘Save toolpath dialog’ were cut off. This has now been corrected (all variants).
  • A bug that caused Carveco to crash when running automated Toolbox Add-ins without sufficient permissions to create an associated log file has been fixed. The logging for automated Toolbox Add-ins has been relocated to the main application log to ensure Carveco consistently has the necessary permissions. (Carveco only).
  • The solution for the issue where anti-ransomware protection or IT configuration prevented Carveco software from accessing the required Documents folder (V1.34), has now been extended to cover additional scenarios. This includes situations where software needs to access external drives. In the event of such a scenario, an error message with a link to the Help Centre will be displayed. (All variants).


  • The Quadrangle Mesh option has been removed from Create Triangle Mesh (All Variants) and Export Mesh from a 3D Object in a Project Assembly (Carveco only). This change affects the Wavefront Object File (OBJ) file type. Carveco now defaults to exporting a triangle mesh.