For Carveco Subscriptions (Maker, Maker Plus, Carveco)

Carveco (Maker, Maker Plus, Carveco) will need to be connected to the internet when you activate your subscription to allow for communication between your software and our licensing server. The software can then run without an active internet connection before it periodically needs to reconnect to our licensing server, and check that your subscription is still active.

For most internet-connected customers with an active subscription, Carveco will seamlessly re-license itself in the background. But if your software is having trouble accessing our License server, the software will let you know.

For Perpetual Licenses (Maker Plus, Carveco)

Carveco Perpetual products will need an active internet connection for activating the license on your system. Following that you can happily run your perpetual product without an internet connection. The only exception to this rule would be when installing software updates. Communication with our licensing server will be necessary to check your license entitlements to verify eligibility to install future updates.