New to Maker

Create a sense of depth to 3D designs or blend 3D reliefs together.

The Fade Relief tool allows you to dynamically fade the height of a relief. This enables you to graduate textures applied to the surface of a relief layer or blend together your imported 3D models or Relief Library Clipart. It even enables you to add a sense of depth to your design. Using interactive control points you can adjust the fade’s strength, its direction as well as the type of fade such as linear and radial fades or fading between vector boundaries.

New to Maker Plus

Distort your 3D relief artwork in real time.

Imagine being able to use an existing animal relief and re-posing it by morphing its limbs or taking one of your previous designs and adapting it to suit a new project. The intuitive Envelope Distortion tool now let’s you do this by distorting both 2D (vector) designs and 3D models for enhanced live modelling. The tool enables you to create truly unique effects, organically and in real-time using nodes, vectors and bezier curves.

New to all variants

Discover more shortcuts.

We’ve made it even easier to find and use our 2D and 3D view shortcuts. Each with their own tab, you can quickly learn how to speed up actions such as zooming in and out for example. These can be found in the Help > Shortcuts dialog.


  • Improved shortcut readability (All variants)
    We have added new mouse icons to the Help > Shortcuts dialog to improve readability when following shortcuts. These replace mouse actions such as left-click, right-click, and mouse drag. (All variants)
  • Dedicated FoxAlien post-processors (All variants)
    We have made it even easier to find the correct post processor for your FoxAlien CNC machine by creating their own dedicated post-processor. FoxAlien (inch) (*.gcode) and FoxAlien (mm) (*.gcode) post processors are available to select in the Save Toolpaths dialog.


  • Drill banks: Carveco software now not only ensures that only valid values are entered when you create your advanced Drill bank configurations, but also provides details on how to correct them to prevent any crashes. (Maker+ and Carveco only)
  • Vector and Relief Library thumbnails: These now appear when your library is hosted on a network drive. (All variants)