New Features For Carveco Maker Plus

Add Draft is now available in Carveco Maker Plus. This tool adds drafts to the edges of your design, which enables:

  • Users to create moulds and vacuum-formed packaging which are easy to release.
  • Engravers to produce foil and embossing dies that reduce the likelihood of puncturing or tearing material.
  • Makers to create clean edges when machining along a straight wall of their 3D relief, especially when using a tapered ball nose.

This tool is accessed by selecting Relief > Edit > Add Draft menu option or clicking the Relief Editing toolbar’s button.


Duplicate Toolpath replicates your chosen toolpaths so that they can easily be reused or altered for similar elements of your design, saving you time. If you make a mistake, you can now easily undo or redo your changes. Previously, you would have to use combinations of Delete Toolpath, Duplicate Toolpath, and re-select toolpaths in the Project tree.


  • The Duplicate Toolpath button had no description. We added a tooltip to clarify what it does.
  • The installer in Version 1.30 displayed garbled text when the Chinese (Traditional) language option was selected. We updated the language packs for the installer.
  • Create Triangle Mesh stopped responding when the Limit triangle size was set. The implementation is now more efficient.
  • The Start page sometimes warned about lapsed maintenance when using Carveco with a subscription license. However, maintenance does not apply to subscription licenses, so the message was irrelevant. We removed the message for subscription licenses.
  • When closing a model, sometimes a black box would overlay the view. This visual glitch has been corrected.