• Added post-processors for the following machines or controllers:
    • APSX
  • Added an Align copies to curve option to the Paste Along a Curve dialog.


  • Mitigated interface hanging while sculpting using an XP-Pen tablet.
  • Fixed the layout of the New Model dialog on high-DPI displays.
  • Fixed feed rate precision in Carbide3D post-processors.
  • Fixed a script error when importing from the search results in the Vector Library and Component Library.
  • Prevented a crash when using Texture Relief in a long, narrow model.
  • Ensured the model size is correct when creating a model from a PDF file with units set to inches.
  • Prevented a crash when using Multi-Plate Tool with a sheet size such that no plates will fit.
  • Ensured relief undo still functions when the scratch file size option is specified as a large value.
  • Ensured the correct Bottom Offset value is displayed in the Material Setup dialog when the model has a non-zero minimum Z height.

Legacy Post-Processors

  • The following post-processors have been disabled, pending removal in a future release:
    • CL ascii data (*.cut)
    • FOBA Laser – Step = 0.0025 (*.mcl)
    • FOBA Laser – Step = 0.025 (*.mcl)
    • FOBA Laser (*.mcl)
    • Laser DXF (*.dxf)
    • Matsura
    • PM-Post option files

    If you are affected by this, please contact Carveco Support for instructions to re-enable and to discuss a migration path.