• Added post-processors for the following machines or controllers:
    • Datron Simpl V2
    • CNC3D Nighthawk
    • FluidNC
    • SainSmart 4030 PROver with Probe
  • Accelerated the process for creating a latent image including four or six faces.
  • Enhanced the New Model dialog to make the Origin position more discernible.
  • Simplified the warning message displayed when saving toolpaths including slashes within the filename.


  • Simplified the error message displayed when opening image files that no longer exist from the Recent Models list.
  • Corrected various issues with the WorkBee post-processors.
  • Prevented arcs from being unnecessarily polygonized when saving toolpaths.
  • Fixed several file dialog filters when the Korean language is selected.
  • Prevented a crash during the 2D Area Clearance toolpath calculation process.