Enhancements (v1.25 Release)

  • Enabled selection of multiple vectors when creating a latent Image.
  • Accelerated process for creating a latent image with two faces.
  • Introduced new Shortcuts dialog providing a shortcuts reference, displayed by selecting the Help > Shortcuts menu option.
  • Ensured single-key shortcuts for switching tools are more consistently available; see Shortcuts dialog’s General tab.
  • Improved diagnostics access by moving information from the About box to a dedicated Diagnostics dialog, displayed by selecting the Help > Diagnostics menu option.
  • Set Erase sculpting tool’s default mode to Erase to Base Plane.
  • Clarified warning message displayed when node selection is unsupported while using the Node Editing and Spline Vectors tools.
  • Removed option to disable the Toolpath Colour Simulation changes introduced in 1.17 from the Preview Features page.
  • Implemented ability to remove unwanted files from the Start page’s Recent Files list.

Fixes (v1.25 Release)

  • Prevented an area selection outside the model limits from causing the origin workplane to change size.
  • Removed need to open a model prior to saving a Diagnostics report.
  • Increased size of Nudge Distance dialog to avoid use of scrollbars.
  • Corrected various issues with the CNC3D Commander post processors.
  • Ensured Ctrl+Enter shortcut pastes a copy of a piece of clipart.
  • Removed Ctrl+Shift+drag shortcut for copying vectors to the active layer; this was challenging to use due to clashes with other shortcuts.

Fixes (v1.26 Release)

  • Prevented a crash when saving toolpaths using tool names including symbols and diacritical marks.