• View > Export View now enables you to export images of the 3D View at your specified size.
  • Post-processors were added for the following machines or controllers:
    • Carbide 3D Nomad 833 ATC
    • OpenBuilds
  • The software activation dialog has been updated with a welcoming design.
  • A warning notification is now displayed on the Start page when a software update is available, but your maintenance plan has lapsed. * Perpetual license owners only
  • In-software update notifications can now be disabled from the Options dialog.
  • The default Feed Rate units in the Tool Database have been changed to mm/min.
  • Improved the warning message displayed when creating a Custom Form Tool with a decreasing profile.
  • Enhanced the appearance of tabs on the Transform and Sculpting tool panels.
  • The Transform panel’s Combine Mode button has been replaced with a Paste Mode dropdown list for increased clarity.
  • The Panel Toolpaths tool’s summary report has been overhauled, and is now compatible with any modern internet browser.


  • Ensured the Export View dialog’s Tolerance option displays the model’s units.
  • Corrected G21 code in the Carbide 3D Nomad 833 metric post-processors.
  • Added G20/G21 codes to all SainSmart post-processors.
  • Ensured the Include toolpath summary checkbox correctly toggles the Toolpath data section in the panelling report.