New Features for Carveco Maker Plus

In our latest update, we’ve added a whole host of new design features to Carveco Maker Plus. Expanding the capabilities of our 3D modelling tools, we’ve now added Texture ReliefRelief Cookie CutterSpin and Turn tools; together with improvements to the interactive 3D sculpting tools with the addition of both the Deposit and Carve tools.


Added post-processors for the following controllers or machines:

    • Digital Wood Carver.
    • DrufelCNC.
    • Onefinity.
    • Onefinity (probe change).
    • Sainsmart 3018 MX3.
    • Sainsmart 3018 PRO.
    • Sainsmart 3018 PROver.
  • Implemented Add Flush options on the Tool Settings: Transform panel in Maker and Maker Plus, displayed when importing and pasting relief clipart.
  • Added the Toggle Clipart Visibility button to the 3D View toolbar in Maker and Maker Plus.


  • Reinstated the Imported File dialog’s Centre in model check box when importing a DXF file.
  • Ensured the correct text size is preserved when opening a PDF file including Type 3 fonts.
  • Increased the number of decimal places in the UGS GRBL post-processor’s output to resolve a “code 33” error.
  • Ensured the correct icon for the most recently selected sculpting tool is displayed on the Relief Editing toolbar.