SVG Import

  • Implemented support for importing SVG files using the Vector > Import menu option and from the Vector Library across the Carveco range.
  • Set SVG as the default file format when exporting vectors or dragging vector layers into the Vector Library.

Toolpath Colour Simulation

Only available in Carveco Maker+ and CarvecoThis was previously available as a Preview Feature.

Toolpaths can be simulated with automatically-assigned colours. A colour simulation emphasises which tool has machined a specific area of your job, making it easier to identify issues in your machining strategy.

Colour simulation can be activated:

  • Using the Project panel’s Simulate Toolpath with Colour and Simulate All Toolpaths with Colour context menu options.
  • By toggling the colour simulation visibility in the Project tree.
  • By toggling the colour simulation visibility from the Simulation Control toolbar.

A toolpath’s simulation colour can be manually overridden by clicking the colour swatch beside the toolpath in the Project tree.


  • Added the Vector Library to Carveco Maker.
  • Added a download button on the Vector Library panel for obtaining a vector artwork starter pack.
  • Included support for importing IGES files in Carveco Maker using the Relief > Import > Import 3D Model menu option.
  • Included support for importing STEP, 3DA, 3DP, DDX and DDZ files in Carveco Maker and Carveco Maker+ using the Relief > Import > Import 3D Model menu option.
  • The Transform tool is enabled when vectors have been imported.
  • Imported vectors larger than, significantly smaller than or outside the model area are automatically resized and centred to the model; this behaviour can be toggled from the Options panel, displayed by selecting the Edit > Options menu option.
  • Improved error handling when dragging vector files into the Project tree.
  • 3D toolpath previews are now rendered in full when rotating the 3D View.
  • Added post-processors for the following controllers or machines:
    • Easel
    • Grbl with Universal Gcode Sender
    • X-Carve (inches)
    • Holz-Her Cosmec Fox 48 ATC (inches)
  • Removed the Objects to Draw dialog; visibility of objects can instead be controlled using the View > 3D Object Visibility menu option, from the 3D View toolbar, or from the Project tree.


  • Fixed opening and importing files using drag-and-drop.
  • Prevented a product expiry warning message being shown when opening a PDF file.
  • Populated the undo description when closing Envelope Distortion, avoiding a blank row in the History panel.
  • Removed an unnecessary undo step created by Send to Relief Clipart Library.
  • Corrected the background colour of the Drilling panel’s Sequencing options.
  • Ensured toggling colour simulation from the Simulation Control toolbar correctly affects the child toolpaths being simulated.