Open PDF with Layers

  • Released from Preview Features. Available in Carveco and Carveco Maker Plus.

Toolpath Colour Simulation (now in preview)

  • Added Toggle Colour Simulation Visibility button to the Simulation toolbar.
  • Improved automatically-assigned simulation colours.
  • Ensured that only selected toolpaths are expanded in the Project tree when using Simulate with Colour.

General Enhancements

  • Added Millright (mm) (*.nc) and Millright (inch) (*.nc) post-processors.
  • Implemented new settings to the Offset Vectors tool in Carveco Maker and Carveco Maker Plus:
    • The Direction setting can now be set to Both sides (ridge).
    • The Corners setting has been added.
  • When using the Create Vector Text tool with Vertical text enabled, a new Left to Right Text button can now be toggled.
  • Recently released Preview Features can be temporarily disabled on the Preview Features page. [Available in Carveco].


  • Fixed a script error in the FOBA Laser Toolbox add-in. [Available in Carveco].
  • Prevented a crash in 3D Blend when using small boundary vectors.
  • Allowed black to be selected in the Add Colours dialog.
  • Colours added to the Custom Colours palette in the Colour Picker now persist.
  • The Options dialog’s Text Defaults settings are now acquired by the Create Vector Text tool.
  • Prevented the Change Simulation Colour button from becoming unresponsive.
  • Prevented incorrect icons from sometimes being displayed on menus and toolbars when switching between Carveco release builds.
  • Ensured vectors created by the Vector Shadow tool are well ordered when exported.