• Added File > New Model from Image menu option to Maker and Maker+.
  • Enabled Min Z and Max Z settings in Open dialog in Maker and Maker+, displayed when creating model from image.
  • Implemented ability to create a relief from a bitmap layer using the Project tree in Maker and Maker+.
  • Escalated History tool from Preview Features page to default feature in Carveco.
  • Added new HTML 3D Viewer tool to Preview Features page in Carveco.
  • Renamed View > Save 3D View Image… menu option to View > Export View….
  • Added Open file after saving check box to Export View dialog.
  • Ensured Input Method Editor is displayed when editing text in CJK languages.
  • Ensured toolpath settings panel is displayed when importing a Toolpath Template comprising a single toolpath.
  • Streamlined file format options in Export View dialog.
  • Consolidated Toolpath > Simulation > Simulate Toolpath and Simulation toolbar’s Simulate Toolpath button with Project panel’s Simulate Toolpath button.
  • Merged Simulation Colour swatch in Project panel’s Parameters area with Simulation Colour swatch associated with Project tree’s toolpath items.


  • Enhanced quality of vectors originating from Text Tool when using Sweep around curve or Stretch to fit curve alignment options.