• The default post processor selection in the Save Toolpaths dialog is now correctly maintained when an update containing new post processors is installed.
  • Fixed the Display/Hide Notes toolbar icon at 175% scaling.
  • Limited the width of the previews in the Font dropdown box within the Text tool panel.
  • Improved the descriptions of various undo operations.
  • Implemented undo for the Create Cross Section tool.
  • Implemented undo for the 3D Model Import dialog.
  • Implemented undo for several bitmap colour palette operations.
  • Implemented undo for renaming Sheets, Bitmap Layers, Vector Layers and Relief Layers.
  • The 2D view now displays the correct bitmap layer after undoing layer deletion.
  • Undoing a model rotation operation now restores the model origin.
  • Pasting Clipart with Radial or Wrap projection now honours the Paste Outline Vector option, and the outline vector is removed during undo.
  • Opening a non-existent model on the Recent Models page no longer prompts you to open it as an image.