• The original Notes functionality removed in the ArtCAM® 2018.2 Update has been reinstated. Notes are no longer displayed as part of the Project panel’s Model Information.
  • Sheet Reports now open in your default browser rather than in Internet Explorer.


  • Ensured Carveco Layout Files (*.alo) exported from Carveco can be loaded.
  • Ensured PDF files (*.pdf) can be imported into Carveco using the drag-and-drop method.
  • Prevented a Script Error in the Import 3D Model for Unwrapping dialog.
  • Prevented a crash when opening a Project while a Project is already open.

Minor fixes:

  • Ensured disabled buttons and check boxes do not appear as enabled.
  • Ensured the correct title for the Copy Component to Vectors dialog is shown.
  • Ensured the Slice Relief panel’s inline-help is arranged correctly when first shown.