30th Anniversary of innovation

Carveco Ltd are proud to announce the thirtieth anniversary of its software’s core technology.  Formerly known as ArtCAM®, the artistic Computer-Aided-Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CADCAM) software, it helps individuals and businesses globally to create anything from signage, movie props, coinage, foil and embossing dies for the print industry and so much more.

The software first started in 1994 when a Delcam customer asked if there was a way to create a low-level sculpted 3D design (bas-relief) from a cartoon image.  It was here that the idea to use colours to instantly create the different heights of a relief was born and the start of ArtCAM’s 3D relief modelling journey began.

Timothy Buck, Carveco’s Technical Director and former ArtCAM Development Manager, comments,

“Our focus has always been to ensure that our software enables peoples’ artistic expression whilst providing fast, high-level machining precision.  Over the years, we have enjoyed working closely with our customers to understand what they do and their design aspirations to develop innovative features and software solutions. This led us to creating the first CNC software packages for hobbyists, including Millwizard and later ArtCAM Express, as well as developing specialist features for niche markets such as the minting industry”.

Since its inception, the software has not only received the Queen’s Award for Innovation but also high-recognition from the technical committee within the minting industry, who utilize the software to deliver the latest advances for circulation and commemorative coins.

Although Autodesk’s acquisition of Delcam in 2014 and the subsequent end of ArtCAM in 2018 posed challenges, it was not the end of this technology.  Carveco Ltd was formed to create a safe-haven for existing customers.

Robert Newman, Carveco’s Managing Director and former ArtCAM Business Development Manager comments,

“Over the years we had built a strong relationship with our customers and wanted to provide them with a significant way forward. We were therefore extremely proud that we were able to negotiate the continuance of the ArtCAM code so that we could provide continuity of care for our customers.”

Since the formation of Carveco Ltd, the former ArtCAM team have continued to develop the code to address the evolving needs of its global customer base and now offer three solutions: Carveco Maker, Carveco Maker Plus and Carveco®, it’s flagship product.  Carveco Maker, provides small businesses or home-hobbyists the opportunity to take their first step into CNC machining and starts from USD$15 a month.

Carveco Maker Plus builds on the functionality of Carveco Maker and provides 2D design and 3D relief modelling and machining capabilities.  Carveco is the flagship product and offers advanced 2D/3D modelling, sculpting and machining capabilities for customers using both high-end CNC machines and lasers.

Since Carveco Ltd was founded, the team have been able to invite back many of the people that helped to develop and support the software over the years, including its international sales partners.

Robert Newman concludes,

“We are extremely proud to continue the legacy of fostering an environment of creativity and passion for the people and businesses we serve.  We would like to thank all of our customers, resellers and sales partners over the years for their continued support.”