Zaporizhizhia Polytechnic National University in Ukraine

We are happy to announce that we have signed an agreement with the Zaporizhizhia Polytechnic National University in Ukraine to provide them with licences of our artistic Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing software, Carveco.

Zaporizhizhia Polytechnic are one of the oldest universities in the southeast of Ukraine with over ten thousand students. Although the university covers subjects such as economics and humanities, their main focus is on metallurgy, mechanical engineering, metal cutting and material science, in order to prepare their alumni to become a strong workforce of engineers.

To overcome the challenges of teaching at a time of war, Carveco’s approach to delivering software and training materials digitally will aid them in their endeavours.

Dr. Viktor Greshta, Professor and University Rector comments, “Carveco software will help us to train better specialists in this field who will continue to have highly successful careers. We are grateful to Carveco not only for their support but also the digital approach used to support our study process. We are very thankful for the 3D design tools that are powerful, user friendly and simple to use, which enable us to produce detailed 3D components.”

In addition to teaching how to use Carveco, the university also plans to hold creative contests using Carveco to encourage interest in engineering among school children and university students.

Dr. Greshta continues, “This will definitely contribute to the development of high-quality education in the Ukraine and it will bring it closer to European standards.”

Robert Newman, Managing Director at Carveco Ltd, comments, “We are proud to support the Zaporizhizhia Polytechnic in their goal of not only introducing innovative technology into their university but to help elevate Ukrainian engineering standards. We look forward to nurturing this partnership and are happy to be able to help those learning in such difficult times”.

Zaporizhizhia Polytechnic agreement signing

Left to right: Dr. Mykhaylo Frolov, Associate Professor – Head of the Metal Cutting Machines and Tools Department; Dr. Viktor Greshta, professor – Rector; Dr. Ruslan Kulikovsky, Associate Professor – Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work and Prospects for the Development of the University.

Robert Newman signs agreement with Zaporizhizhia Polytechnic National university in Ukraine

Robert Newman, Managing Director, Carveco Ltd