Feature Comparison

Bitmap Tools

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Autodesk® ArtCAM® Premium 2018

Import bitmap – BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF
Bitmap to vector tool
Fill vector with colour
Bitmap layers

Bitmap Tools

Premium 2018

Import bitmap – BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF
Bitmap to vector tool
Fill vector with colour
Bitmap layers

Vector Tools

Vector editing
Vector doctor
Vector library
Create text
Vector layers
Vector cross-section
Boundary vector
Wand selection tool
Vector join
Multiple sheets

Model Setup

Model resolution, 2000 x 2000
Model resolution, 4000 x 4000
Import 3D models
Set shading and lighting

Relief Editing

Editing tools
Invert relief
Emboss relief
Relief cookie cutter
Scale relief
Mirror relief
Offset relief

Relief Creation

Front and back relief
Relief library
Shape editor
Weave wizard
Relief from image
Sculpting tools
Relief on vector
Texture relief
Mesh creation
Ring creation
Paste relief
Texture flow
Contour tool
Constant height letters
Paste relief wrap
Assembly tool
Face wizard
Greyscale from relief
Create a dome

Relief Analysis

Remove holes
Relief information
Define area

2D Machining

Profile cut
Machine a vector
V-bit carving
Area clearance
Inlay wizard
Peck drilling
Texture machining
Drill banks
Toolpath templates
Custom form tools
Bevel carving
Toolpath panelling
2D machining wizard
Raised round toolpath
Smart engraving
Fluted weave

3D Machining

Machining Wizard
Create a raster toolpath
Z-level roughing
Cutout machining
Feature machining
Rest machining strategy
Constant Z toolpath
Flip machining
3D laser machining
Ring machining

Toolpath Operations

Edit toolpath parameters
Transform toolpaths
Toolpath ordering
Batch calculate toolpaths
Merge and copy toolpaths
Cutter compensation
Use multiple tools
Final pass cut
Toolpath sequencing
Add surface links
Optimize machining

Machining Simulation

Shading and 2D view
Load/save simulation
Copy simulation to relief layer

Carveco Supported File Types

  • DGK File *.dgk
  • DXF (AutoCAD) File *.dxf
  • DXF (AC1009) File *.dxf
  • EPS File *.eps
  • Duct Picture *.pic
  • SVG File *.svg (export only)
  • PostScript Files *.eps
  • AI Files *.ai
  • PDF Files *.pdf
  • AutoCAD Files *.dxf;*.dwg
  • Autodesk Files *.pic;*.dgk
  • Bitmap Image *.bmp
  • GIF Image *.gif
  • JPEG Image *.jpg
  • TIFF Image *.tif
  • PNG Image *.png
  • Carveco Relief *.rlf
  • Carveco Model *.art
  • ArtCAM 9 Relief *.rlf
  • ArtCAM Model *.art
  • Simple Relief Format *.srf
  • Bitmap File *.bmp
  • 16-Bit TIFF Image *.tif
  • Picza Files *.pix
  • CopyCAD wrap map with normals (*.asc,*.ccb)

For information about supported Autodesk ArtCAM ® files, please view our FAQ post.

  • 3D Studio *.3ds
  • Carveco Assembly *.3da
  • Carveco Projects *.3dp
  • Autodesk DXF File *.dxf
  • Autodesk DWG File *.dwg
  • Autodesk DDZ File *.ddz
  • Autodesk DGK File *.dgk
  • Autodesk DDX File *.ddx
  • U3D File *.u3d
  • Autodesk Machining Triangles *.dmt
  • Wavefront Object File *.obj
  • 3D PDF File *.pdf
  • ASCII STL File *.stl
  • Binary STL File *.stl
  • IGES File *.igs, *.iges
  • STEP File *.stp, *.step
  • 3DM File *.3dm
  • Tool Database Files *.tdb
  • Toolpath Templates *.tpl

Please note: This list does not include posts.